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Good Afternoon to All!

Ladies will understand this… I have the sweetest Mother-in-Law ever! She has two sayings... 1) The recipe to a really good meal is “Starve them before serving” and the 2) “Someone else’s cooking always taste better even if it is the same recipe.” “Mom” just brought me FRIED CHICKEN! Supper tonight will taste so much better! Thanks MOM!

Also, I just received a text for those of you who know Carol Morrison. She was admitted to the Methodist Hospital. I do not know the details, but please keep her in prayer.

Well, here is the diddy for the day!
A man and his young son went to church, and when they came out the father was complaining that the service was too long, the preacher was no good, and the singing was off-key.
Finally the little boy said, "Daddy, I thought it was pretty good for a dime."

Here is the happenings off of our front porch….. J
April 17th         6 pm Choir and 7 pm Concan Sing Sing at the pavilion.
April 18th         UMW will meet at 11 am. 7 pm Bible Study. Deep Blue Kids and Amplified Youth has ENDED UNTIL THIS COMING FALL.
April 22nd        We will have the noisy offering this coming Sunday. There will be no Fellowship Meal.
April 23rd         Ladies Community Bible Study has ENDED UNTIL THIS COMING FALL.
April 24th         6:45 am Emmaus Breakfast
April 29th         Church PICNIC! Yea! Bring a side dish, hat and chair. All are welcome to worship and have fun. Please do not go to the church for Sunday worship.

Don’t forget the voting location has changed to the American Legion Hall.

One more thing…. If you want to attend the Ordination Service for Pastor Walter, there is a sign-up sheet at the back of the church. You can also indicate if you need a ride. The Ordination is June 8th @ 7 pm at the American Bank Center, 1901 N. Shoreline Blvd., Corpus Christi, TX. A close hotel is located at Best Western Corpus Christi, 300 N. Shoreline Blvd., 361-883-5111.

Well that is all the news I have… here is something to ponder…. Love ya bunches!

Where is this: Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD:
A. Exodus 5:17
B. Leviticus 19:38
C. Ezekiel 21:11
D. Deuteronomy 6:4

Answer: D

Check the Calendar Page for more events and notes

Pastor WalterCross Talk

This year during Lent, we focused on the wilderness journey; challenging our preconceived notions of how a life of faith may appear. We spent a lot of time talking about how we tend to focus on things from a box and were challenged to look beyond that box into something greater and to die to our old selves so we may be resurrected with Christ!

As resurrection people we are called to new life in Christ Jesus, how can we have that new life if we don’t die to the old. In Colossians 2 -3, we are reminded that:

“2: 20 If you have died with Christ to the elementary principles of the world, why as if you were living in the world, do you submit yourself to decrees, such as,
21 “Do not handle, do not taste, do not touch!”
22 (which all refer to things destined to perish with use) - in accordance with the commandments and teach-ings of men?
23 These are matters which have, to be sure, the appearance of wisdom in self-made religion and self-abasement and severe treatment of the body, but are of no value against fleshly indulgence.
3: 1 Therefore if you have been raised up with Christ, keep seeking the things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.
2 Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.
3 For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.
4 When Christ, who is our life, is revealed, then you also will be revealed with Him in glory.”

To die with Christ on Good Friday and to be raised with Him on Easter, means that we live a transformed life. When we die to our sin, pain, and brokenness, we are able to be raised into glory with Christ. Friends this is the joy of Easter, the promise of new life, new faith, and new hope.

Friends, this faith journey isn’t easy, there are things we hold dear to which we must say goodbye. My prayer for you this Easter Season is that you discover the joy of being Resurrection People, that you are able to let go of the barriers to a deeper relationship with God, and that you can be continually raised with Christ every day. So that in your thought, word, and deed Christ may be Glorified and people will come to know God’s grace through you!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Walter

History of the United Methodist Church

On April 23, 1968, The United Methodist Church was created when Bishop Reuben H. Mueller, representing The Evangelical United Brethren Church, and Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke of The Methodist Church joined hands at the constituting General Conference in Dallas, Texas. With the words, "Lord of the Church, we are united in Thee, in Thy Church and now in The United Methodist Church," the new denomination was given birth by two churches that had distinguished histories and influential ministries in various parts of the world.

Theological traditions steeped in the Protestant Reformation and Wesleyanism, similar ecclesiastical structures, and relationships that dated back almost two hundred years facilitated the union. In the Evangelical United Brethren heritage, for example, Philip William Otterbein, the principal founder of the United Brethren in Christ, assisted in the ordination of Francis Asbury to the superintendency of American Methodist work. Jacob Albright, through whose religious experience and leadership the Evangelical Association was begun, was nurtured in a Methodist class meeting following his conversion.

Read more about the history of The United Methodist Church

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"Whoever drinks the water that I will give him will never be thirsty. The water that I will give him will become in him a well of life that lasts forever" John 4:14

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