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Prayer Concerns - June 27, 2017

We will list the person for whom we are praying followed by the person making the request, unless the person is a church member.

FYI — The prayer list is updated weekly. A file is kept in the office of prayer requests and the requests that are less than a month old are kept on the Prayer List shown below. The secretary does not necessarily know all these people, so please feel free to put a name back on the list should we need to continue prayers or if prayers have been answered… remove that person. There are prayer request cards in the pews that you can put in the offering plate, or you can give us a call or send us an email, leakeyumc@hctc.net.
Thank you!


LUMC, Amplified Youth/Team/Ministry to Children/Families/World Peace/Good families for kids in foster care/CASA staff.  Pray for our law officers. Prayer for the people who don’t Believe – may they turn to our Lord and Savior!

Bell, Tom               
Broom, Joe
Burchfield, Roberta
Burditt, Sudie
Caldwell, Tom & (Faye)
Camstra, Ginger
Cockrell, Janet
Collier, Richard
Crook, Louise
Foshee, Diane
Guinn, Jesse
Hallum, Jan & Jack
Lambert, Don
Longanecker, Charlie
Martinez, Ramona
Milton, Gladys (Betty)
Phillips, Bob
Porter, Tommy
Prescher, Rev. Walter & Catherine
Sanderlin, Tillie
Sansom, Bettie
Scott, Ellen & Hugh
Sikes, Kimberly

FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES   (fr. = friend of)
Arlt, Michell – fr. of Hood’s
Atkins, Linda – fr. of Theresa Auld
Auld, Ken – David Auld’s brother
Auld, Lorna “Corky” – David Auld’s mom
Ballard, Jack – fr. of Diane Foshee
Bartosh, Julie – sister in law – Theresa & David Auld
Bates, Beth – Betty Jo & Jerry Bates niece
Bates, Les – Jerry Bates brother
Bayouth, John Mark – grandson of Barbara Huff
Bell, Dana – daughter of Dawn & Tom Bell
Binkley, Alex  - fr Sandra Hodge
Blake Yvonne & Joe – Catherine Prescher
Brady, Kyra – Christie Wynn’s cousin
Brandon, Lecha – fr of Diane Foshee
Brett – fr. of Carol & J.P. Price
Brice, Billy Joe
Broaddus, James O. – fr. of Jane Rosamond
Bryanna – Maggie Camstra’s granddaughter
Buchanan, Myra – fr. of Ginger
Burdette, Jim – fr. of David Auld
Candi – Dawn Bell’s fr.
Carlson, Howard, Bro. in law of Bob & Marie
Carter, Herb & Ruby – fr. of Tillie Sanderlin
Carter, Johnny - cousin Tom Caldwell
Carter, Wayne – son of Mary Jane Crenshaw
Crane, Cindy – Melissa Bates sister in law
Chapman, Hadley – Shackelford’s granddaughter
Chisum, Barbara & son John – fr. of Mary Jane Crenshaw
Clark, Jack – Carol Clark’s husband
Cousins, Jim and Judy – fr. of Christie Wynn
Davis, Sherry – wife of Mark Davis
Dean, Alicia – David’s daughter
Delgado, Bryan - Tommy Porter’s niece’s husband
DeMent, Bryanna – Maggie Camstra’s daughter
Duncan, Kay - Kerrie Schneider’s mom, fr. Amy Springer
Egbert, Annella – Maudie Jones sister
Egbert, Tom – Maudie Jones’s brother-in-law
Elkins, Wanda and Christie’s family - Christie Wynn’s mom
Ellis, Shari - fr. Christie Wynn
Esparza, Penny, Jessica, Nick – Theresa Auld sister’s family
Flott, Mugs – fr. of nephew of Ginger Camstra
Fredensborg, Bonnie – Bob’s mom
Garcia, Laura – fr. of Joan Flanagan
Garza, Christi – fr. of Betty Jo Bates
Gasner, Heather – Bob Phillips mom
George, Larry – fr. of Terry Berkstresser
Gerstner, Cherrie  - Annie & Jesse’s friend
Gonzales, Mrs. Jesse – fr. of the Auld’s
Grimsinger, Brooke - Williams’ gr dtr
Guhlin, Tim – Diane Foshee
Gutierrez, Carlee - fr. C. Wynn
Hamilton, Ralph – fr. of the church
Hammonds, Ralph – son of Patricia & Ralph Taylor
Hank, Kenneth & Janell – Catherine Prescher’s parents
Harrell, Tony – son in law of Linda & Jimmie Williams
Henderson, Dudley & Mona – fr. of Libby B.
Herbel, Barbara – fr of Christie Wynn
Herrera, John – fr. of Penny / Theresa A.
Holston, Ava – fr. of Jan & Jack Hallum
Hood, Debbie & Family – AG & Rita Hood’s daughter in law
Huber, Laurisa – Christie’s niece
Huckabee, Jerry & Gale– fr. of the church
Huddleston, Tava – Ellen Scott’s niece
Hylton, Harry – Neighbor of the Rutherford’s
Inglert, Jason -Christie Wynn’s bro
Inofert, Max – fr. of Christie Wynn
Jenkins, Brandon – fr of the church
Jerry & Angel’s Granddaughter – fr. of Ellen Scott
Jones, George – sister in law’s brother – Rebecca Paull
Joshua – Ken – Trena (daughter & son-in-law) – Dudley & Mona Henderson
Keeling, Brian – fr. of the Wynn’s
Keith, Dianne - Dianne Rodger sister’s daughter in law
Keiver, Kristine – daughter of Carol Adams – fr. of Libby Bierschwale
Kelly, Allison – Linda & Jimmy Williams daughter
Kelly, Jack - L. William’s bro
Kelly, Mark and family – Linda Williams brother
Kovar, Charles – fr. of Libby B.
La Mar, Grant - Bee Record’s grandson
Lamb, Bergen Rasco - fr. Barbara Lamontagne
Lambert, Denise and James – Suzane Lambert
Leakey ISD - Students and Faculty
Little, Elijah – Hallum’s grandson
Logan, Brook – fr. of Libby B.
Lowitzer, Ali - fr. Robin Albright
Malaney, Kathleen – fr. of Libby Bierschwale
Malden, Lee & Sara – son-in-law of Bee Record
Manchester, Jennifer – fr. of Dianne Rogers
Marble/Record - Claire – Bee Record’s daughter
Martinez, Mr. – Mrs. Martinez’s husband (church housekeeping & lawn)
McCafferty, Daniel – McCafferty’s nephew
Millican (Dad) – Mekaila Millican fr. of Bob Phillips
Mitchell, Elizabeth – Kendall & Charlie Mitchell 3 yr. old – Dawn Bell
Mom – T. Berkstresser’s mom
Myers, Shane, Eloise & son – fr. of Tillie Sanderlin
Niggli, Buddy – fr. of the Berkstresser’s
Noack, Paul – Charlotte Gregory’s brother – in - law
Pendley, Jesse – Bobby’s brother
Pendley, Oil – fr. of the church
Perez, Roxanne – dtr. Of Maria Rubio
Pollok, Russell – fr. of Libby Biershwale
Pool, Bill – fr of Mary Jane Shoemaker
Powell, Ann & Bob – fr. of Diane Foshee
Powell, Bernice & Karen – fr. of Diane Foshee
Price, Mikey - gr. son of Prices
Quick, Skip – fr. of Anne Guinn
Reed, Jim & Joan – fr. of the church
Reynolds, Guy – fr. of the church
Roper, Rodney – fr. of Mary Jane Crenshaw
Rubio, Marie - Libby’s fr.
Rupka, Jackie – Anna Fergerson’s mother
Ruzicka, Billy – fr. of Anne Guinn
Sawyer, Donna – needs prayers of faith and strength
Schwertzner, Bobby – Theresa Auld’s cousin
Scully, Caitlin – Lisa Scully & Tillie Sanderlin
Slough, Nancy – Tillie Sanderlin’s daughter
Smith, Dr. Andy & Karen – fr of Bob Phillips / S.D. Roadster Club
Spaniel, Nathan – fr. of the church
Stephenson, Troy – fr. of the church
Stetler, Abi – Armstrong’s granddaughter
Stetler, Joel & Abi – Step-dad of Javier Torres
Stewart, Jay – fr. of the Auld’s
Stratton, Gina – daughter in law of Frank & Ramona Martinez
Suttle, Lolita – Dub Suttle’s mother
Synder, Archie – fr. of the congregation
Tomison, Terry – cousin Lee Middleton
Torres, Monica Olivas – daughter in law of Javier Torres
Trichel, Nick - Middleton’s gr son
Turner, Brandon – Turner’s grandson
Urbanek, Alma – aunt of Theresa Auld
Urbanek, Bonnie – cousin of Theresa Auld
Vetrano, Sal – fr. of Rhonda
Volmer, Abby – Libby
Walter, Frank – fr. of Anne Guinn
Westbrook, Fred – fr. of Theresa Auld & Penny
Williams, Shirley – sister of Rita Hood
Wilmoth, John – Patricia Hammond’s brother in law
Wright, Luke - Williams’ gr son
Wynn, Stratton Kash – Christie & Ernie Wynn’s grandbaby
Young, Bryan – Kathy Porter’s nephew
Zachry, Joel – Cenisa Crider’s brother

Dylan, Matt – Sandy White’s grandson
Hill, Jay – LeAnn Barnes cousin
Koch, Christopher
Jones, Caylor – fr. of the Rutherfords
Little, Cody - Hallums’ gr son,
McClendon, Austin - L. Hassell’s gr son
McClendon, Chad – Linda Hassell’s son
Phillips, Chyna – fr. of the church
Ruby, Preston – fr. of the church
Smith, Alex - Perkins’ gr son
Stratton, Cody – Martinez’s grandson
Wright, Jake – Williams’s grandson

Matt Dylan – fr. of the church

Pray for all our soldiers.

NURSING HOME / ASSISTED LIVING / HOMEBOUND                                                        
Evers, Anne - Amistad - fr. Anne Guinn
Goff, Kay
Ivey, Celeste

World Prayer
Request from Johnhyuk, Lee to pray for North Korea concentration camps, killings, malnutrition, pregnant women violence, human suffering, small children, labor camps, trafficking and slave labor.

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