Leakey United Methodist Church
Leakey United Methodist Church
Leakey United Methodist Church
Prayer Concerns - July 10, 2018

We will list the person for whom we are praying followed by the person making the request, unless the person is a church member.

Bell, Tom
Berkstresser, Terri – loss of his mother
Bierschwale, Pam
Broom, Joe – Pray for the Family
Burchfield, Roberta
Camstra, Ginger
Cockrell, Janet
Crook, Louise – Pray for the Family
Foshee, Diane
Gregory, Charlotte
Hallum, Jan & Jack
Hirst, Diane & Johnny
Judd, Bea                  
Lamontagne, Leo
Longanecker, Charlie
Perkins, Hershel
Sanderlin, Tillie
Sansom, Bettie
Shasta, Tom
Turner, Guinn 
Williams, Linda
Young, Jack
Youth in our church
Pray for our Pastors
Thank you for the Rain!

FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES   (fr. = friend of)
12 kids stuck underground in Thailand
Alverado, Grace – home burnt down in S.A. – fr. of the church
Armstrong Chris – Jim Armstrongs’s nephew
Berkstresser, Reanne & Warren – the Berkstresser Family
Bree – fr. of the Rutherfords
Brian & Lori Westmoreland – Rebecca Paull’s brother in law & sister
Caldwell, Jim – brother of Tom Caldwell
Carmona Family – pray for the Family
Chase – fr. of Ellen Scott
Chavez, Juanita – fr. of Catherine P.
Cochran, Patsy – Lynda Mayer’s sister in law
Couch, Gerald – Lorna Auld’s brother
Davis, Kirby – Pastor Bridget
Doickenstaff, Oaklee Grace – Dan & Rhonda Auld’s granddaughter
Ferguson, Mom - Annie Louise Ferguson’s mom
Fisher, Clarise – passing of brother
Guhlin, Tim – Pam’s husband
Harley, George – fr. of Theresa Auld
Herod, Gene – fr. of JP & Diane
Huff, Fred – fr. of Ramona Martinez
Kai – fr. of the Rutherford’s
Kennedy, Jerri – Rhonda & Dan Auld’s daughter
Lowitzer, Ali – (missing) / niece of Robin Albright
Mason, Birdie – Allison Mason’s mother in law
Mayer, Tyler Lynn – Jason Mayer’s baby
Minor, Diana – fr. of the church
Murphy, Dad – fr. of the church
Murray, Jim – fr. of Theresa Auld
Pate, Mary – grandmother to Catherine Prescher
Paull, JC – Paull’s son
Prescher, Jr., Walter – Pastor Walter’s father
Reynolds, Guy - son’s father in law – Mary Kinard
Rimkus, Mom – Danny Rimkus mom
Rodriguez, Leslie – fr. of the church
Sal – fr. of Jack Hallum
Savanah – Catherine’s fr.
Spurgin, Phyllis – Shasta Tom’s daughter
Storch, Kathy – fr. of Maudie Jones
Trisha – Catherine’s fr.
Tyenne – grandmother is in the Hospital
Un-named – prayers - for breast cancer
Vega, Mary – fr. of Maudie Jones
Williams, Andreana – fr. of the church

  • Pray for our country, veterans and soldiers, law enforcement and first responders.
  • Pray for all the missing children and teens.
  • Pray for our country to be One Nation under God.
  • Pray for Rain!

Matt Dylon – fr. of the church
Karley Gregory – gr.daughter of Gregory’s                          Austin McClendon - L. Hassell’s gr son
Caylor Jones – fr. of the Rutherfords                                   Chad McClendon – L. Hassell’s son
Christopher Koch – fr. of the church                                    Chyna Phillips – fr. of the church
Cody Little - Hallums’ gr son                                                 Ruby Preston – fr. of the church
Alex Smith – Perkin’s grandson                                            Cody Stratton – Martinez’s grandson
Jake Wright – William’s grandson

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