Leakey United Methodist Church
Leakey United Methodist Church
Leakey United Methodist Church
Prayer Concerns - November 28, 2017

We will list the person for whom we are praying followed by the person making the request, unless the person is a church member.

Cockrell, Janet
Crook, Louise
Davis, Darren 
Foshee, Diane
Guinn, Jesse
Hallum, Jan & Jack
Hirst, Diane & Johnny
Judd, Bea                  
Martinez, Ramona
Milton, Gladys (Betty)
Perkins, Hershel
Phillips, Marie & Bob
Sansom, Bettie
Shasta, Tom
Turner, Guinn
Williams, Linda

FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES   (fr. = friend of)
Caldwell, Jim – brother of Tom Caldwell
Canales, Amparo – Andrew & Marens grandmother
Craven, Stephanie – daughter of Anne & Jesse Guinn
Davis, Myra brother in law
Henson, Rosemary – fr. of Roxane Rutherford
Kennedy, Jerri – Rhonda & Dan Auld’s daughter
King, Donell – Rhonda Turner’s aunt
Lambert, Ed – brother of Don Lambert
Lowitzer, Ali – (missing) / niece of Robin Albright
Mason, Burdy – Allison Mason’s mother in law
McGee, Pam – fr. of Rhonda Turner
Prescher, Jr., Walter – Pastor Walter’s father
Reynolds, Guy – Mary & Brent Kinard’s son’s father in law
Scott, Jack – fr. of Glen Ivey
Storch, Kathy – fr. of Maudie Jones
Whitlow, Roger – cousin of Marie & Bob Phillips

Brookdale Guadalupe River            Anne Evers, Kay Goff

  • Pray for our country, law enforcement and first responders. Pray for our country to be One Nation Under God.

Matt Dylon – fr. of the church                                                Austin McClendon - L. Hassell’s gr son
Caylor Jones – fr. of the Rutherfords                                   Chad McClendon – L. Hassell’s son
Christopher Koch – fr. of the church                                 Chyna Phillips – fr. of the church
Cody Little - Hallums’ gr son                                                 Ruby Preston – fr. of the church
Alex Smith – Perkin’s grandson                                            Cody Stratton – Martinez’s grandson
Jake Wright – William’s grandson

Leakey United Methodist Church
"Whoever drinks the water that I will give him will never be thirsty. The water that I will give him will become in him a well of life that lasts forever" John 4:14

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