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Leakey Amplified Youth Page - Welcome!
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We gather Wednesday night 5:30pm - 7pm for a night of dinner, games, and worship!
Amplified Youth does not meet from mid-May – September for Summer Break

Believe it or not we are just a couple of weeks to August! how the summer has flown by! Two-a-days start back up along with volleyball tournaments, football practice and scrimmages, vacations and Geo scholarship trips are over again for another session of school and the planning is well underway for our upcoming session for youth group!

As a leader of youth, I love getting those texts messages and phone calls (sometimes late in the evening.. which is A-OK by me) Mrs Christie.. I want more.... where do I start reading the bible.... I had this idea.... how can I help.... what should I do..., can you pray for....I have a friend that is need of prayer... and here lately Mrs. Christie I am praying for you. these are just a few of the wonderful messages I get. My heart overflows with treasures from these students. That God would give me the opportunity to pray with and along beside the students. Watching them grow in prayer and beginning another step in their Faith Journey is an amazing blessing.

As i stood in the MEPS building watching all the young men and women giving their lives to stand for our country i couldn't believe my eyes. Some of them looked so young, and some ready to go. Some were scared and some were sleeping. Some had family with them and most did not! Alone. Starting this journey alone. As a parent i couldn't imagine. In the middle of the room stood a stand with military new testament bibles. i stood and watched one after another take one. As i stood in the room dazed at what was going on .. i started to pray for each of them. Not knowing their names but God knows. God knows who they are and what they are in need of. i found Chyna Phillips. She was alone her sister was not able to come with her, family situation is unknown but she was scared and God knew the right timing. i asked if i could stand in the gap for her and pray. as she started to cry i asked if i could give her a hug and let her know that God loves her very much. As we build the youth of our community my hope is to give them that "God given family" to hopefully stand in the gap where there might be one. to teach them that we all are called to love thy neighbor and stand in where God wants us at the right time.

Our youth council is having a leadership retreat July 30-31st at MO Ranch! this is for the students that are the leaders in our youth group and learning what God is calling is of them as leaders!

Thank you for your continued support for all of our youth!

UM Army Testimonials

  • It changed my life by showing me what it felt like to help someone who was in terrible living conditions.  Alexis Webb
  • UM Army really changed the way I look at life.  I appreciate every little thing that God has blessed me with today more than ever!  Debra Odom
  • This trip really changed me and I would love to go again and love that everyone supported you and they help you out.  Destiny Solis
  • UMA changed my life by showing me that helping people get closer to the Lord.  Also by getting to know God better.  Dee Bort
  • UMA changed my life by allowing me to meet a lot of good people and it was a lot of fun.  Ethan Wynn
  • UM Army was the absolute best experience of my life.  I myself grew closer to God with many wonderful friends.  It has made me very appreciative of what I have.  Maycee Webb

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