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Good Afternoon everyone! Hope you are staying healthy and safe.

The Pastor had a few meetings these past few days to see what we can do for you. He wants to ensure that each of you know that we are here to help you when needed and we care about you. We have a few people in place to make this happen.

1.      Our first concern was those who needed prayer, please feel free to call Theresa Auld at (home) 232-5955, (cell) 512-426-2797 or email the church. I have picked up the church’s computer so I can respond faster.
2.      Then we thought about those who couldn’t leave to pick up prescriptions or groceries. Please send us your needs or call and we will try to respond to those needs. Also, if you are a person going to Uvalde, Kerrville or San Antonio and can help when a request is made, please let us know. See a Need – Meet a Need.
3.      Another thought was those who need well checkup calls just to make sure you are ok. We will be glad to do that as well.
4.      Then we thought about those who wanted to have communion. Right now, there is a basket in the foyer and sanitize gel. You are welcome to pick up a container(s) of juice and wafer for communion. The Pastor is working on a couple of other ideas to make this easier for people in our community. Maybe, a drive by during certain hours. He will let you know more.
5.      Don’t forget that HEB has curb service. Download the app, it could be very helpful. Sam’s will deliver most items to your front door.

Please keep in mind, your neighbors and friends that may not be part of our church. We would like to include those folks as well. This is not just a Methodist “thang” – it’s a community thang! If you want to help out, please let us know. If you need something, please let us know. Please forward this email to others in the community.

Contact Pastor Richard, Theresa, Pam or Helen. We will do our best to help serve you.

Pastor Richard Zander: 210-535-9927
Pam Gasper: 832-444-4751
Helen Stephens: 830-486-5762
Theresa Auld: 512-426-2797

Take care my friends…. And if you are really bored …. David and Theresa have a lot of fence line that could use your special love. You will have open air, s p a c e and a really good workout!


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"Whoever drinks the water that I will give him will never be thirsty. The water that I will give him will become in him a well of life that lasts forever" John 4:14

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