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Good Afternoon!

If you have something to put in the newsletter, PLEASE send it to me. The deadline was today, but I really don’t have enough information to complete a newsletter.
I am delaying the newsletter until February 1st, Saturday. Hopefully, I will get some updates from our activities at the church. Also, if you would like to place an adin our newsletter, please send it to me. Make sure it is something I can click, copy and paste. If you own a shop, business, or a restaurant that has a special each week … here is a chance to place an ad in our newsletter for FREE. Did I say it was FREE! Another item we are adding is… events like garage sells, etc… It FREE!
Spread the word to our businesses and the community! Thank you!

House in Order forms…
The attachments above are for you to review and fill out. Pastor Richard would like to keep this information on file. It is a chance to make sure your wishes are known. It will also assist your love ones during this time. If you choose not to complete this information, please put your name at the top and n/a across the page. Thank you.

Here are a couple of thank you’s!
From Jan Hallum:
We would like to say thank you to all of the wonderful people who helped us with the fundraiser for Sage Austin in the cold, wet weather. And we would also like to thank all of the church members who donated their baked goods. Because of all your efforts and support, we were able to raise $5341.62 for Sage's treatments for the breast cancer. You can still make donations through the church by making checks out to Sage Austin and mailing or delivering them to the church. Once again, we thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts.  Jan Hallum
From Sage Austin:
Dear church family--Rick and I are overwhelmed with your heartfelt outpouring of prayer, love, kindness, and charity in helping us through my cancer journey! Knowing that you have lifted us up during this very frightening time and helped us with this financial burden means so much to us both. Your contributions have enabled us to meet the looming medical deductible and lessen our worries! Love to each and every one of you, in Christ,
--Sage & Rick Austin

Now, down to the diddy for the day!
A priest was invited to attend a house party. Naturally, he was properly dressed and wearing his Priest's Collar. A little boy kept staring at him the entire evening.
Finally, the priest asked the little boy what he was staring at. The little boy pointed to the priest's neck. When the priest finally realized what the boy was pointing at, he asked the boy; "Do you know why I am wearing that?"

The boy nodded his head yes, and replied: "It kills fleas and ticks for up to three months". 

Here is what’s happen off of our front porch!
Jan. 28th           5:15 pm – Board Meeting / 6 pm Choir practice
Jan. 29th           6:30 pm – Adult Bible Study
Jan. 30th           Noon – 1 pm – Prayer Time
Feb. 3rd           7 am – Men’s Prayer Breakfast at St. Raymond’s / 12 -1 pm Prayer Time / 6 pm Community Women’s Bible Study
Feb. 9th            6 pm - Community Church at Leakey United Methodist Church
Feb. 18th          2 pm - Frio Canyon Homemakers meeting
Feb. 19th          10 am – UMW meeting
Feb. 26th          11 am – 1 pm – Ashes to Go… At 6 pm Ash Wednesday Service

Well, those are some highlights…
Here is something to ponder.
What is the vale of Siddim also referred to as in the Bible?

a.      Kishon
b.     the salt sea  
c.      Pharpar
d.     Mount Hazor

Answer b.  Genesis 14:3


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"Whoever drinks the water that I will give him will never be thirsty. The water that I will give him will become in him a well of life that lasts forever" John 4:14

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