Leakey United Methodist Church
Leakey United Methodist Church
Leakey United Methodist Church
Prayer Concerns - Updated January 15, 2020

We will list the person for whom we are praying followed by the person making the request, unless the person is a church member.

CHURCH MEMBERS    (bold means concerns from last week)
Armstrong, Patti
Burchfield, Roberta
Caldwell, Faye
Cockrell, Janet
Crider, Mark
Davis, Darren
Davis, Ian
Hallum, Jan & Jack
Hammond, Ralph
Hirst, Diane
Holt, Joy
Hood, Rita
Lamontagne, Leo & Barbara
Longanecker, Charlie & Barbara
Mason, Bertie
Mata, Diane
Patrick, John
Pendley, Bobby – Pray for the Family
Phillips, Bob
Sanderlin, Tillie
Scott, Hugh & Ellen
Tom, Shasta
Tom, Martha
Ward, Patti – and her mom
Wood, Carl
Young, Jack
Pastor Richard & Janneke Zander

FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES   (fr. = friend of)
Alexander – Pat’s great nephew
Armstrong Chris – Jim Armstrong’s nephew
Austin, Geoff – Rick Austin’s nephew
Austin, Sage & Rick – fr. of the church
Cochran, Patsy – Lynda Mayer’s Austin, Sage – fr. of the church
Big Springs Children’s prayers – to live with grandmother, father and family
Boren, Glen – cousin of Jan Hallum
Brink, Ceanie – Barbara Lamontagne’s granddaughter
Broom, Alexander “Xander” – grandson of Mary Lou and Joe Broom
Calagary, Kelly – fr. of the church
Caldwell, Jim – brother of Tom Caldwell
Chyle, Dr. Valerian – Pray for the Family – fr. of the Austin’s
Clamensia – fr. of the church
Cornelius – fr. of the church
Craven, Hallee – Anne Guinn’s granddaughter
Craven, Shelia – Steph’s mother in law – Anne Guinn
Crayton, Lee – cancer – fr. of the church
Daphine – fr. of the church
Davis, Mary – Linda Adami’s mother
DiCillo, Michelle – niece of Rita Hood
Escobedo, Joey – fr. of the church
Evers, Gus & Pam – fr. of Mary Jane Crenshaw
Gonzales, Roel – fr. of the church
Grandson and Son – Prayers so they will accept Jesus as their Savior – fr. of the church
Hernandez, Jose – fr. of the church
Herod, Gene – fr. of JP & Diane
Hilton, Harry – fr. of Mark Rutherford
Hirst, Diane – Pat Hammond’s daughter
Hirst, Mike – Patricia Hammond
Joanna – Betty & Bill Jackson’s daughter
Johnson, Christina – fr. of the church
Kelly – Bob Phillip’s daughter
Kinard, Katie & Sam – Mary & Brent Kinard’s son and daughter in law
Kutch, Allen – fr. of Theresa Auld
Liam – 6 yrs. old – Leann Christian
Lowitzer, Ali – (missing) / niece of Robin Albright
Maggie – Diana Minor’s Mom
Marco – fr. of Brenda Seindenberg
Martinez, Aurora – Frank & Ramona Martinez’s niece
Martinez, Danny – Frank’s brother
Martinez, Perfecto – Hermelinda Bingham’s father
Mathea, John – fr. of the church
Mayer, Jay – Betty Jo Bates brother
McFall, Tracey – fr. of LeAnn Christian
Meador, Bill – brother in law to Diana Minor
Mildred – Patti Ward’s fr.
Minor, Bruce – fr. of the church
Moore, Doug
Murray, Violet – fr.of the church – 1 yr old child
Louise – Myra - back surgery
Nephews – of Lorri Marsh
Paull, Chase – Rebecca Paull’s son
Paull, Kelli – daughter of Rebecca & Carey Paull
Paull’s kids – Rebecca & Carey
Pendley, Mathew – Carey Pendley’s son
Reagor, Emily
Rupke, Anna – Anna Louise Ferguson’s mom
Ruzicka, Button – fr. of Anne Guinn
Saenz, Johnny – fr. of the church
Sawyer, Donna – cousin of Bob Phillips
Shallcross, Leo – fr. of the church
Shoemaker, Leslie Franklin – fr. of Sudie Burditt
Signs, Johnny – Patti Ward’s fr.
Sikes, Hannah – Annie Guinn’s great granddaughter
Spurgin, Phyllis – Shasta Tom’s daughter
Stanford, Judy – Linda Hassell’s sister
Stephanie – Annie Guinn’s daughter
Strauss, Robert – fr. of the church
Straughan, Laura – Martinez’s granddaughter
Wreck on US 83 at the school – prayer for healing
Thames, Joan – fr. of the church
Turner, John – Guinn Turner’s brother
Welsh, Sharon – LeAnn Barnes Christian’s cousin
Westmoreland, Brian & Lori – Lisa Westmoreland’s brother in law & sister
Williams, Shirley – Rita Hood’s sister
Worden, Adrian – Jan Hallum’s son
Un-named – prayers - for all cancers

  • Pray for rain.
  • Pray for our Backpack Ministry.
  • Pray for our teachers, students and college students
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts in such a way that we reach out to those who are not members of our church.
  • Pray for abuse victims and missing children / teens.
  • Pray for abortion / victims and the effects it has on others.
  • Pray for our country, government leaders, veterans and soldiers, law enforcement and first responders. Pray for the division that is seen in our country.

Michael Breshears 1st Lt. – son of CA & Caroline Breshears
Matt Dylon – fr. of the church
Karley Gregory – gr.daughter of Gregory’s             
Caylor Jones – fr. of the Rutherfords                                  
Christopher Koch – fr. of the church                                     
Austin McClendon - L. Hassell’s gr son
Chad McClendon – L. Hassell’s son
Grace Nelson – Lambert’s granddaughter
Chyna Phillips – fr. of the church                                                                                        
Ruby Preston – fr. of the church
Alex Smith – Perkin’s grandson                                           
Cody Stratton – Martinez’s’ grandson
Jake Wright – William’s grandson

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